SDS Management

Tilapia WHMIS keeps your SDS files in one location and stores an archive of deprecated versions.

Structured and Centralized

A broad variety of file format is supported, ranging from PDF files to text files and images.

All SDS files are stored in English and French, in a database or flat files depending on connection options.

Your Data Where You Want It

Choose the option that is right for you with data connections ranging from local to cloud.

Local or Cloud

Whether it’s flat files (local files), free local HFSQL Server, or the simplicity of the cloud, Tilapia WHMIS has an option that fits your needs.

SDS Sharing

Stay compliant by giving your staff access to an intuitive electronic binder of your safety data sheets.

Tilapia E-Binder

Built for ease and speed of access in mind, e-binder is available as a free download for Windows, Android and iOS. It connects to the same data as Tilapia WHMIS.

How it works

A safety data sheet should be provided by the supplier of any WHMIS-regulated product upon purchase. Most suppliers opt to have them downloadable from their website.

As simple as dragging and dropping a file. Additional basic information is required, namely, product name, identifier and supplier.

Tilapia E-Binder Mobile and Tilapia E-Binder for PC automatically share SDSs from your product list with your workers.

Label information is in section 2 of the SDS. You can copy and paste most of it; Tilapia WHMIS will even do some formatting for you.

Find out more about labeling requirements

Our plans

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